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Sign o' the times, as meatworks grid specs accept leaner cattle
(26 Mar 2014)

Two millimetres. It isn't much in carcase fatness terms, but it represents a very significant shift in export processor thinking ...........more

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The Alliance was founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded breeders who were concerned about the erosion of muscling and other traditional breed standard values for which Limousins are renowned.

These values have stood the test of time elsewhere in the world and are the reason for Limousin's phenomenal rise in popularity as the terminal sire breed of choice.

Limousins originated in France and research since the mid 1990s has shown that French Pure cattle carry two copies of a muscling gene (Myostatin variant F94L) which is unique to the breed. In the grading up process to produce Australian Purebred Limousins, one or even both copies can be lost. Alliance members are dedicated to breeding cattle that have two copies of the muscling gene.

In order to pass on at least one F94L gene and produce superior muscling and shape in every calf, the Limousin sire must carry two F94L genes. These are the sires that can truly boast carcase, yield, efficiency.

First cross Limousin-Angus sires, so-called Lim-Flex, only carry one F94L gene at most, so can only ever pass on one or none. This means that their progeny have inconsistent carcase characteristics and not obtain the benefits of the very thing for which Limousins are famous.

Most Alliance members are Registered Stud Breeders within the Australian Limousin Breeder's Society. They breed French Pure and Australian Pure cattle and are dedicated to genetic progress without losing Limousin's original prepotent characteristics.

Limousin breeders with the same concerns and objectives are encouraged to join us.