Limousins are noted for their superior meat yield- both live weight to carcase and bone out i.e percentage saleable meat from each carcase.

It is not unusual for Limousins to dress up to 64% of live weight. British and Bos Indicus breeds struggle to dress at 56%.

What does this mean?

A Limousin at 350 kg live weight will produce a carcase weighing about 210 kg at a dressing percentage of just 60%.

A British/Bos Indicus animal will produce a carcase weight of 192 kg at a dressing percentage of 55%.

18 kg more carcase weight @ $4 a kg = $72-00 more carcase value.

That's why the processors and wholesalers can't get enough Limousins!

And then there's the bone out.

A Limousin will bone out at 80% or more - ie 80% of the carcase is saleable meat.

British/Bos Indicus and the heavier boned European breeds struggle to bone out at 73%

What does this mean?

A 200 kg Limousin carcase will produce approximately 160 kg of saleable meat.

A 200 kg Bristish/Bos Indicus or heavy boned European carcase will produce approximately 146 kg of saleable meat.

16 kg more saleable meat at only $12-00 a kg = $192 more per carcase

That's why the butchers can't get enough Limousins!

Note: The majority of the extra meat is found in the expensive cut areas - off the topline and butt end.

AND there is very little fat waste on a Limousin carcase. The butcher is paid 1c per kg or less for excess fat and bone waste that costs him $4 or more per kg to buy on the carcase.


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