Mon 4 Jun 2012 (updated 13 June 2013)

EBV and $Index Confidence Ranges
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This breeding value and $Index confidence range chart creator is under development. If you encounter problems using it, notice errors in its operation, or would like to suggest improvements, please submit details using the contact form.

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Data entry & submission

Step 1 (Optional). Download data

Step 2. Enter/check data

1. The following form is automatically completed if Step 1 is used.

2. The form is also used for manual data entry. Simply enter animal's name, and overwrite default EBV, $Index and accuracy values. Default EBVs and $Indexes are Limousin breed averages.

Important: Delete and leave blank any EBV entries not published by ABRI for your animal.

Animal's name - required:
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Calving Ease Direct EBV (%): Accuracy: %
Calving Ease Daughters EBV (%): Accuracy: %
Gestation Length EBV (days): Accuracy: %
Birth weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
200 Day Weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
400 Day Weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
600 Day Weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
Mature Cow Weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
Milk EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
Scrotal Size EBV (cm): Accuracy: %
Carcase Weight EBV (kg): Accuracy: %
Eye Muscle Area EBV (sq cm): Accuracy: %
Rib Fat (12/13th rib) EBV (mm): Accuracy: %
Rump Fat (P8 site) EBV (mm): Accuracy: %
Retail Beef Yield EBV (%): Accuracy: %
Intra-Muscular Fat EBV (%): Accuracy: %
Docility EBV: Accuracy: %
Vealer Terminal Index ($):    
Domestic Terminal Index ($):    
Self Replacing Index ($):    
Heavy Steer Terminal Index ($):    

Step 3. Submit data to chart creator

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