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24 August 2013 | author's name supplied, but not published by request

August 2013 Newsletter

The 20 August newsletter suggests more scan data and carcass data are required to improve predictions.

I think this is the case with many of the traits. When I review EBV's on any bulls for AI I always look at the number of herds progeny have been recorded, which herds and the particular traits. Unfortunately the French Pure sires (what I want) have the lowest amount of information recorded. Why?

When a bull comes out is widely used within the first year and lots of breedplan data is recorded they come up looking good eg Cyan Po who was listed as French Pure Polled so every one wanted him, till it was changed.

It is my belief that a french pure Limousin will always outperform lesser grade Limousin but lack of recording makes them look bad.

Does the LMA plan to encourage more breeders to use Breedplan? And stress the importance of accurate recording?

Unfortunately it seems to be the French Purists who are the worst at passing on the information, and we miss out on the real picture. Why keep your best performers a secret?

I use Breedplan and it does not make my cattle look bad, they get better on paper and in the paddock every year. Having information is one thing, using it correctly is another. Single trait selection seems to be the biggest problem.

I would like to see breeders looking at the percentage of French Pure blood on a pedigree as a measure of 'the chance' of that particular animal passing on the combination of thousands of genes that make up a Limousin being passed onto his progeny. F-94L is a single gene of large effect which most commercial breeders can easily take advantage of by crossbreeding.

The black polled Limousin dream is an example of how difficult it is to fix one or two genes into a population without upsetting everything else, after more than 40 years there's been very little success. All the information available should be used in making breeding decisions and I find it a bit disappointing so many Limousin breeders in Australia do not pass on their information, but are quite happy to freeload on performance recording done in other countries or by a few progressive breeders.

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