The Alliance has the following objectives:

  1. Commitment to breeding true-to-type Limousin (that is high muscle content) either Pure or French, registered or not.
  2. Commitment to having high Limousin content and aiming for two copies of the F94L Limousin Muscle Gene.
  3. To co-operatively support members of the Alliance to achieve these ends within the ALBS and to ensure that the ALBS also supports these goals.
  4. To only support data/index/figure/new DNA marker etc, where the data is a "RELIABLE descriptor/predictor of the animals genetic/breeding merit".
  5. Promoting the use of information (eg EBVs, blood content, DNA marker) which has high and reliable accuracies.
  6. To give members a collective voice that will enable the Alliance to lobby the ALBS for better outcomes for Alliance Members.


It is envisaged that the outcomes of the alliance will incorporate:

  1. Provision of a network of like-minded breeders for information transfer as well as providing a "preferred source" for genetics, sires, females etc.
  2. A venue for members to source other members who may wish to buy an animal in shares.
  3. Importation of semen for the exclusive use of the group's members giving those members a genetic advantage.
  4. Future Development of Bull/Female sale(s) for members only with animals carrying two copies of the F94L gene.
  5. To provide a discussion forum for members to air ideas and suggestions on various issues.
  6. To utilise the group's collective number to access cost and/or ordering advantages (i.e. in developing promotional material, booking advertising etc).
  7. To provide a political lobby group within the ALBS.
  8. To have as few rules / regulations as possible to (i.e. Members don't have to be in Breedplan or LAP etc, but can be if they so desire).

Some further practical example of benefits that could be derived from membership in the group are:

  1. A forum for members to post thoughts and exchange ideas with other breeders.
  2. Production of a newsletter.
  3. Production of promotional material flyers, stickers, caps etc.

The above are the objectives and ideals of The Limousin Muscle Alliance. It is for those breeders who have herds consisting of animals carrying one or two copies of the F94L gene but have the ultimate objective of breeding Limousin with two copies.


Membership is free and it is the Alliance's intention to keep membership free of charges. However it may be necessary in the future for a nominal Membership Fee or levy to cover out-of-pocket expenses and costs of advertising and promotion. Should you be interested in joining the Limousin Muscle Alliance and share the same ideals please contact us and your Stud will be added to the Membership Directory. You can at anytime remove your name from the Directory by just sending a request using our contact form.