Mon 3 Jun 2013


This pedigree tool is a spin-off from research conducted into Limousin genetic trends.

If you like what you see, or want to suggest changes, let us know and we will send your ideas to ABRI and ALBS for inclusion on their websites.

To produce a chart, start typing an animal's name in the text box below. Up to 20 names with matches to the typed letters are then displayed in a list that will appear below the text box. Continue typing until the name of the animal you are searching for appears in the list. If the animal you are searching for does not appear, then unfortunately it is not in our database.

Click on the animal's name to display its basic description, basic descriptions of parents and grand-parents, and a six-generation pedigree. Click any ancestor's name in the chart to display its description and six-generation pedigree.

The figure next to the grade is the animal's percentage French Limousin content. Only Purebreds with at least 90% French Limousin content and Full French animals appear in the initial search list.