Create a Pedigree Chart

2 June 2013

A pedigree creation tool has been developed.

The tool demonstrates new automated features such as interactive or live-search for recorded animals, display of basic animal information over mutiple generations, and creation of a six-generation pedigree.


Ready Reckoners

26 October 2012

A number of simple tools have been developed which enable


Breeding Value and $Index Chart

Solving the mystery of Breedplan Accuracy Figures

4 June 2012

Breedplan estimated breeding value (EBV) accuracies exaggerate the true accuracy of EBVs, and dollar indexes ($Indexes), which are derived from EBVs, are published with no indication of accuracy.

The challenge of determining the true accuracy of EBVs and $Indexes, and hence the degree of confidence stud breeders and their clients can place in them, became more difficult following a decision last year not to distribute the annual Sire Summary to Limousin breeders. The annual Sire Summary was the only up-to-date source of information that identified the relationship between EBV accuracy figures and prediction error margins.

Fortunately, the time-consuming and commonly overlooked task of determining the true accuracy of EBVs and $Indexes has now been automated. Users of the breeding value and $Index chart creator described here will note that error margins arising from prediction uncertainties do not reduce significantly until EBV accuracies exceed 95%. EBVs with accuracies below 95% are often imprecise indicators of true breeding values and $Indexes, and should thus be used with extreme caution. ...More

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